Car Give Away

Westside Car Give Away 2017: Winner – SAMANTHA

We have gifted the restored used car to Samantha Ledesma. Sam has been through the New Life Program through the Union Gospel Mission and volunteers daily with the women staying in UGM’s Family Shelter who have children. She is the first to give them a hand, sit down with them, read to their children each evening and tell them about Jesus. She volunteers giving back to the Mission by also helping in the kitchen, preparing meals and serving them. On weekends, she works in the warehouse, sorting clothes that were donated during the week. She is always the first one to volunteer when something needs to be done. She volunteers 10-12 hours per week in addition to all her other responsibilities.
Samantha is now working full time at Living Care and has signed up to start taking classes at YVCC in January. She is ready to start her journey towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She currently rides her bike to work everyday and now that she has a car it can help her get to work safer and allow her to finish fulfilling her dreams.

Thank you Napa of Yakima for your parts donations every year

Westside Car Give Away 2016: Winner – Rose

This afternoon employees of Westside Car Care ( presented a Ford Taurus to Yakima Union Gospel Mission live-in volunteer, Rose!
Every year Westside Car Care gives away a car to a community member who volunteers regularly, is in a need of a vehicle, and has financial hardships – and Rose was this year’s recipient!
Rose arrived at the YUGM a few months ago and became a dorm supervisor, and then a live-in volunteer. She is now hired in the family shelter office.
Rose was not anticipating receiving any Christmas gifts this year and this was a great encouragement to her – an amazing gift to a volunteer in the process of a new beginning in life!

Westside Car Care Giveaway 2015: Winner – Wendy

We had the opportunity to give away another car yesterday. The recipient was Wendy. Wendy helps and volunteers at Love, Inc. She volunteers regularly helping others break out of financial hardship by giving them the tools and resources to do so. As a former graduate of Love, Inc. she saw the benefits of the program and wanted to share her new start in life.

Westside Car Care Giveaway 2014: Winners – Kelly and Angie White (The White Family)

The proud owners are Kelly and Angie White! This couple gives around 25-30 hours a week each at Sunrise Outreach center. They volunteer their time and are in charge of 20 other volunteers. They help feed the homeless and basically do whatever is needed at the center. Congratulations!