Our Technicians/Service Writers

We are here for any automotive concerns that you may have. We would love to serve you and make you happy because that’s our goal and priority here at Westside Car Care. Our goal is to have our customers feel that they have the best technicians who can get the job done. So come on down and say hello, and we will treat you right.

Noe/Automotive Tech

Albaro Palomera (goes by Noe)
Job title- Automotive Technician
Experience- 5 years in automotive, 4 years at Westside
Pets- 5 dogs
Birthday- June 21st
Hobbies- work on his cars, exercise, watch movies, going to the gun range, hiking and playing golf
Favorite food- Quesa Tacos and Cali Burrito from Crazy Foods
Where were you born- Los Angeles, CA
Favorite vacation destination? Cancun


Job title- Automotive Technician
Experience- 3 & 1/2 years in automotive field all at Westside Car Care
Pets- dog named Ella
Birthday- July 7th
Hobbies- camping, spending time with family, playing basketball
Favorite sports teams-Colts, Miami Heat, Yankees
Favorite food- shrimp fettuccine alfredo
Where were you born- Sunnyside, WA
Favorite vacation destination? Sacramento, CA

Thomas Beams

Job Title – The Best

Experience – Retired Marine, Tiltrotor/Helicopter Mechanic and CrewChief, 4 Months at Westside

Pets – 1 dog named Castiel
Birthday – Jan 17
Hobbies – Camping, Fishing, Wood Working
Favorite Food – Gas Station Burritos
Where were you born – Idaho

Favorite Vacation Destination – Philippines