Our Technicians/Service Writer

We are here for any automotive concerns that you may have. We would love to serve you and make you happy because that’s our goal and priority here at Westside Car Care. Our goal is to have our customers feel that they have the best technicians who can get the job done. So come on down and say hello, and we will treat you right.

Noe/Automotive Tech

Noe is an ASA certified technician. He continues to take classes and obtain more certifications. He went to Perry Tech before being hired. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, jogging and working on cars.


Jacob graduated from Perry Tech in March of 2016. Before working as a tech he was a service writer in Sacramento, CA. His hobbies include working on cars, playing basketball, fishing, camping and hanging out with his family.




Job title- Automotive Technician

Experience- 3 years in automotive field and 5 months at Westside Car Care
Pets- 2 cats
Birthday- September 11th
Hobbies- reading the Bible, listening to music, cooking, hanging out with family and friends
Favorite sports teams- 49ers
Favorite food- Mexican and Asian
Where were you born- Fremont, CA
Favorite vacation destination? Asia or Europe


Job title- Service Advisor
Experience- 6 months at Westside
Pets- 2 dogs
Birthday- January 6th
Hobbies- Racing, hiking, playing with her son
Favorite sports team- anything racing
Favorite food- grilled chicken and veggies or sushi
Where were you born- Yakima, WA
Favorite vacation destination? Take me to a beach and I will always be Happy!!


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